Our Valued Sponsor

Who is Deacon Equine, you ask?
They're the magical equine experts who live, breathe, and dream about all things horse-related!  Both Lee and Ashley Deacon have a remarkable track record of victories and accomplishments in a variety of disciplines! Deacon Equine brings their top-notch expertise to help us cater to your equine needs like never before. 
This partnership isn't just about tack—it's about embracing the beauty of the equestrian world and encouraging everyone to join the ride!  Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a horse enthusiast dreaming of the day you mount up, Andersen Tack Co and Deacon Equine are here to make your equestrian dreams come true! 
So, saddle up and join us on this thrilling adventure together! Stay tuned for some amazing collaborations, exclusive offers, and a whole lot of equine inspiration coming your way. 
Don't forget to show some love and give a warm welcome to Deacon Equine by checking out their fantastic facebook page! Together, let's spread the joy of riding and build a community that celebrates the incredible bond between horses and humans!